How do you feel about laundry PPP?

Laundry line

Building a strong community of families and staff encourages the healthy development of children. PIC values parent involvement and fosters it through the Parent Participation Program (PPP). Opportunities for PPP involves parents in the many phases of center life and helps to build meaningful connections among members of our community. 

While many PPP opportunities bring families together at a work day, a meeting, or a social event, there are some that don't. For some families, at-home or take-home PPP is more manageable with busy schedules.
As our classroom communities are coming together, many Early Learning teachers are asking for volunteers to take home laundry at the end of the week. Through our annual Family Feedback Survey, we have heard from both extremes--people who have no interest in doing laundry, and others who like throwing a load in and earning the hours.
While laundry may sound like a dirty job, here is a request by one teacher that may have you see it a little differently. 
"We have laundry that is available to take home! Doing laundry may seem tedious and a bit disconnected, but it helps our classroom stay clean and helps our [children] stay healthy, as the fabrics in our classroom are all very regularly used and loved. If you want to take home laundry tomorrow for the weekend, please let me know! First come, first serve."
Over the school year, you will find PPP opportunities announced in the PIC's weekly e-newsletter, requests made by your teachers, or you may have your own idea of a way you can contribute to our community. We hope you will find ways to be involved and earn PPP hours that work for you.