Going on a Smell Hunt

Roadrunners on a smell hunt

Much like the family in the beloved children's book Going on a Bear Hunt, the Roadrunner's preschool class went on their own adventure. 

These preschoolers take weekly neighborhood walks—always with an interesting spin. They’ve hunted down sounds on listening walks, scoured for gigantic puddles to jump in on rainy days, and banded together to make passing strangers smile. 

This week, Roadrunners sniffed their way around with a Smelling Tour of West Philly. They found good smelling gardens, aromatic alleyways, pungent parks and even the occasional outstandingly odorous trash can. 

They experimented to see whether eyes closed or open helps their noses smell better? They asked great questions: Where do smells come from and why? Does everything have a smell? What does and what doesn’t smell? And came up with some good answers:

“You smell better with your eyes closed because it pushes the smell up into your nose.” 

“I like to sniff butterflies because they look beautiful." 

When I was walking, I smelled pizza, basil and baseball.’

With PIC located in a wonderfully diverse urban neighborhood, these walks are often an adventure.