Gifts during the holiday season

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Read this year's holiday letter written by PIC mom Vivian Whitener.

It has long been a tradition at PIC to give Early Learning and After School families the opportunity to give to a singular holiday gift fund for teachers. PIC then shares these gifts among our staff. It helps teachers stretch their modest incomes during the holidays, and it makes sure that all of our teachers are valued equally.

This is a tradition that accommodates family budgets of all sizes. The average family contributions are between $25 and $50, but a gift of any size is welcome.
PIC divides and distributes the funds, giving smaller gifts to part-time staff and larger gifts to full-time staff. This helps ensure that teachers in smaller classrooms and those who “float” to different rooms are recognized equally. Just before the holiday break, Room Parents will present the gifts, along with a special card.
Some families choose to bring in a small gift to the teachers in addition to this contribution. Some families choose not to participate at all.

We hope you will do what works for your family during this season of giving.
You can give these gifts online! Please note that PIC incurs a small charge for accepting online gifts. In order to help us balance that cost, we ask that you please add $2 to your online gift. This ensures that staff will receive the amount that you intended.
Cash or checks made payable to PIC are also accepted. You may drop checks in the enrollment box outside the Sweet Building, or give cash or checks directly to any administrator at drop-off.  Be sure to let PIC know who the funds are from by indicating “Staff Gift” on checks, or putting cash in an envelope marked “Staff Gift” with your name and classroom. 
Please make your contribution by Friday, December 11. Gifts will be given to teachers on December 18.


Payment by PayPal or credit card!

  • Click "Give Today"
  • Enter the amount of your gift*
  • Select your payment type (paypal or credit card)
  • PLEASE ADD A $2 CONVENIENCE FEE to your online donation!
  • If you have any trouble with your online donation please email Rachel Isaacson at

*Please note that this is NOT a tax-deductible contribution to the Parent-Infant Center. This collection is set up for the purpose of gift purchases.


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