Eye Matching in the Leapfrogs

Eye matching in the Leapfrogs

Recently, the Leapfrogs have focused learning on "all about me." Teachers have guided the children in discussions about the things that make us different and the ways that we are similar.

To engage the children in a hands-on activity, they asked the children about their eyes. The children noticed that they all have two eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes. Then they talked about the differences and recognized their different eye colors, along with different shapes and sizes.

With photos of each of their eyes on a table, these Leapfrogs searched for their own eyes and worked together (collaboration) to match eyes with their friends. Here they were making observations (science) about the color of our skin and eyes, along with the shape and size of our eyes and eyebrows, etc. 

Through the activity and discussions, children begin to gain the tools and language they need to navigate today's diverse world.

This is learning through play at PIC!