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PIC partners with Linton's Food Service to provide nutritious meals each day. We have worked together to create a monthly menu that features plenty of kid favorites with a dash of the novel foods for young tasters to try.

All lunches are made fresh that day and meet USDA standards and food safety guidelines. Meals are served family style, encouraging early independence skills and harnessing the power of peers to expand children’s tastes. And, of course, every Friday is Pizza Day, a much loved PIC tradition!

Monthly menus are created and designed to introduce a variety of new foods to your child. Special dietary options are available, including vegan and non-dairy meals
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
The cost is calculated based on your child’s schedule:
$100/month (5 days) $80/month (4 day) $60/month (3 day)
How do I enroll?
Two enrollment forms (Eligibility Form and Enrollment Form) are available in our Enrollment Office on the ground level of the Sweet Building. They must be completed and returned to Assistant Enrollment Coordinator Amanda Schroeder. The cost will be billed with your monthly tuition. Families can sign-up or cancel at the beginning of each month.
Why do I have to fill out an Eligibility Form?
PIC participates in the CACFP federal reimbursement program that supports healthy food choices for children. One of their requirements is that all families complete this form. If you do not wish to disclose your income on this form, you don’t have to. Just complete the household information and sign and date the form (leaving the income line blank). This will still allow PIC to meet the CACFP requirements.
Are their special dietary options?
Special dietary options are available including vegetarian and non-dairy meals. Many allergies can also be accommodated.
How do I get started?
For more information or to begin the enrollment process, stop by the Enrollment Office on the ground floor of the Sweet Building, or email Amanda at aschroeder@parentinfantcenter.org.

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Monthly Lunch Menus