Drop-off Reminders for families

Updated July 13, 2020

All families deserve a round of applause for helping us make drop-off go smoothly. 

We will be updating this list of reminders as we go. As always, refer to the COVID-19 Family Handbook for guidance, or reach out to one of our administrators.

  • In order to limit exposure, it is important to keep to your drop-off and pick-up scheduleOur first drop-off time starts at 8:45 am. Before that time we are setting up and checking in staff.
  • In the event of a late drop-off / early pick-up, please email or call your program coordinator who will escort your child to a designated location (most likely the blacktop).
  • EARLY LEARNING families and staff must enter at 42nd and Locust Streets. The gate at the south side of the blacktop (next to the Stucco Building) should not be used for entrance.
  • CAMP FAMILIES enter from Spruce Street: Falcons walk to Stucco via flagstone walk next to Chapel. Hawks and Eagles enter at the Aviary at 4243 Spruce Street.
  • Families with multiple children only need to do one drop-off. Your drop-off location goes by the age of your YOUNGEST CHILD. (i.e. Summer Camper is dropped off with sibling in Early Learning).
  • Adults will need to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet between families during drop-off, pick-up and whenever on PIC grounds.
    * All adults must wear a mask or face covering that covers the nose and mouth at drop-off, pick-up and whenever they are on PIC grounds.
    * We ask that children over the age of 2 arrive in masks whether or not they remain in them during the day.
    Children three years and older should bring two masks with them each day to school. One mask should be worn when arriving for check-in and the other can be placed in their backpack.
  • When arriving at the drop-off location, please use the hand sanitizer on each check-in table.
  • Families will be directed to appropriate lines and spaces to wait when dropping off their child(ren)
  • All children and staff members will have their temperatures checked and screened for signs of COVID-19 upon entry to PIC.
  • Once your child's temperature has been taken, please stand with your child in the box that says, "WAIT" until your teacher comes.
  • We ask that you not engage in conversations with teachers at drop-off and pick-up.
  • Family members should not congregate anywhere on the PIC campus at drop-off, pick-up or any other time
  • Families are not allowed on the Nature Playground, the TotLot, or the PAS fields to pick up children. A PIC staff member will bring each child to the pick-up person.
  • We ask that families who pick up children on the blacktop wait along the perimeter (close to the Nature Playground fence) for their child to be brought to them (or to run to them!)