Classroom Baskets make ArtStart

Classroom Baskets among best items

Each year, ArtStart Classroom Baskets are among the most popular items at our silent auction! 

Classroom families band together as a community to help raise more money for ArtStart. And, baskets have consistently been high money-makers.

Room Parents are a big part of organizing the baskets, with contributions from families and teachers. After each class picks a theme for its basket, families and teachers decide what fun items to put in it. Families can purchase items or make a cash donation that is affordable for them.

Some guidance: Total basket values should not exceed $150. Each classroom will provide a basket/container—be creative! Watch the weight and size of these baskets. Chosen containers must be big enough to hold all items, and fit on the auction table. Ultimately, one lucky winner will take your basket home. So, not too heavy please!

The deadlines to have all basket items gathered is October 11, 2019.

Wrap up is a party!

Once the items have been gathered in the classroom, they get wrapped up. One or two representatives from each classroom bring basket items and a container (used as the "basket") to assemble. Please bring an easy-to-read list of all basket items so that bidders know what’s inside. The baskets are then wrapped up with cellophane and ribbons that are provided by PIC.

This year's basket wrap-up event will be on October 17, 2019.

If you have any questions about classroom baskets, email ArtStart Committee member Vidya Plainfield at or Development Manager Karen Stachelek at