In the Classroom: The Sunshines

PIC toddlers at the fire station

On the go!

The Sunshines have been having fun exploring different modes of transportation. We have been engaged in a variety of activities that help us learn about the different types of ways we can travel. 
The Sunshines painted with different vehicles as a recent art activity. They picked the vehicle they wanted to paint as their "brush" and dipped them in the paint. They had fun driving them across their paper and proudly showed off the tracks their cars made. 
One day we borrowed the firefighter props from PIC's Library and we set up our fire truck tent. The Sunshines became firefighters by putting on the fire boots, fire hats and used the hoses to put out pretend fires. They had a lot of fun using their imaginations.
West Philly offers so many cool and interesting places for us to visit. One place is the 40th Street trolley depot. We always enjoy visiting the depot. We sit down on the benches and wait to see the trolleys go in or come out of the tunnel. Some of the trolley drivers are nice enough to ring their loud bells for us! 
Another fun place is the car wash on 42nd and Chestnut Street. We always go inside and look out the huge observation window. We can watch the cars get soapy and wet. They were really excited when we saw a police car and taxi cab! We always make sure to identify the colors of the cars as they ride past us. 
A third destination for the Sunshines is the traffic bridge on Penn Campus. We enjoy looking down at the vehicles that ride underneath us. We always end up seeing several Septa buses and ambulances. 
Last but not least is the Fire Station on 43rd and Market St. The Firefighters are always so friendly to the children! They helped the Sunshines get behind the wheel on the fire trucks. Some Sunshines sat in the back where the firefighters sit. It was so much fun and they talked about the fire trucks the entire time we were walking back to PIC. 
We are looking forward to more fun transportation activities. Maybe Deb will let us wash her car one day….Hmm?!?!