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It Might Get Loud!

Recently, I read an interesting article written by Roberta Munoz entitled, It Might Get Loud: Tips for Setting Limits with Toddlers. In it, the author talks about how toddlers are very ego-centric. At this point in their young lives, they cannot understand that others might have needs that are as important as their own.

Toddlers also experience an emerging individuality during these years. They will begin to let you know when they don’t like something or don’t want to do something. It is easy to consider this behavior as difficult, however, it is a stage of development that we all went through. The author offers some helpful tips on how to manage demands and tantrums.

For instance, if your toddler has a meltdown, resist the urge to raise your voice over the loud sobs (or screams!). Keep your cool! Your child is testing your limits. If you speak in a soothing voice, your child may quiet down and listen to what you have to say.

A second tip: set firm guidelines. Don’t be afraid to impose limits at the zoo or at the mall. Remind your toddler, before you leave the house, of your “public place” rules, such as speaking at an appropriate level and not crying.  Always remind your toddler of the guidelines before you leave the house and never waiver on them.

This leads to the third tip: be consistent. Your child thrives on predictability in all aspects of life, even discipline. Imposing the same consequences every time helps to reinforce simple and expected boundaries, which are easily digested and understood.

I thought that the authors very helpful tips were equally as helpful for parents, as well as teachers. I have posted a copy of the article on the Sunshines parent information board, if you are interested in reading the entire article.

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