In the Classroom: The Starlights

PIC Summer Camp at Marsh Creek pool

A Most Memorable Day

Recently, all the PIC campers spent the day at the pool at Marsh Creek State Park. The Starlights could not contain their excitement on the bus ride to the park. Several campers reminisced about their previous trip to the spray-park and pool the year prior.
Upon arrival, we assembled at the picnic pavilion and the lifeguard reviewed rules to keep us safe. After, we spread out our towels and the Starlights voted to visit the spray-park first.
Soon the air was filled with whoops and hollers as ice cold water filled the revolving buckets overhead and splashed down upon the heads of the hot campers. They ran through spray tunnels, fountains, and geysers getting more and more excited at each new water feature. Giggling friends held hands and ran from one attraction to another. Each blast of water was refreshingly cool on one of the hottest summer days of the year.
After about one hour it was time to take a break, eat lunch, reapply sunscreen, and get ready for fun in the Olympic size swimming pool. The children eagerly ran to the pool steps and carefully lowered themselves into a new round of cold water.
Some Starlights stayed close to the wall until they felt more confident to venture further in the pool. Friends splashed friends, played water tag, did handstands underwater, and even did yoga poses like warrior, tree, and dancing Shiva. They noticed that balancing poses are super easy when you are supported by water. 
Too soon, it was time to head back to PIC. The children collected their towels and hats. You could tell by their slow pace to the bus that they were exhausted. It was not too long before some of them fell asleep. Friends leaned against friends in a jumble of arms and legs. A sure sign it was one of our most memorable days at camp and the best part is that we get to do it all again towards the end of August.

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