In the Classroom: The Starfish

Graphing the number of letters in our names

What's in a Name?

The Starfish have made many changes this summer! From new teachers to many new families, our classroom is coming together quite nicely.

We are excited about the many diverse cultures, religions, ethnicities, and languages we will experience this year. How lucky we are to be located in West Philadelphia!

We have families from all different backgrounds and have friends who come from China, Bangladesh and Sweden, to name a few.

As the children are getting acquainted, we kicked off the year by getting to know names. We have learned many of our friend’s names by singing songs such as Look Who Came to School Today and our favorite silly song Willaby Wallaby Wu.

We have discussed how many letters are in our name and made a graph to represent this. We talked about similarities and differences in our names according to letters and length.

Children have had the chance to experience how to write and identify their names by placing them all over the classroom, writing them in sand, and writing their names when we arrive at school. 

We even learned a new poem titled Everyone Has A Name by Jean Warren.

Everybody has a name
Some are different
Some are the same
Some are short
Some are long
All are right
None are wrong
I like my name
It’s special to me
It’s exactly who I want to be.

So what will happen next in the Starfish classroom? Based on the interest of the children we have decided to ask our families to share the history or origin of the many Starfish names! We can't wait to hear the many different stories and plan on making a book so we can share exactly why every name is special.

Meet the Starfish Teachers