In the Classroom: The Starfish

Starfish go sledding

Outdoors All Year!

As adults, we often see the work required of us in colder weather: the hats, coats, scarves, and mittens to name a few.
For all the extra trouble though, teachers always wish for snow because of how stimulating it is for young children. As teachers, we know from experience that when properly dressed, infants and toddlers will sit, crawl, lay, and walk in the snow for a good long while.
Preschoolers like to build with it, use it for dramatic play, and gross motor development. We see them make patterns in the snow with footsteps and sticks just like Peter in one of our favorite stories, The Snowy Day. Or, they simply toss it at each other in snowball fights, which always include teachers!
Last month, we finally got our wish for proper snow! The Starfish eagerly joined the other Pre-K classrooms on Penn Alexander’s hilly playground for some cold weather fun. 
The teachers watched as young children applied problem-solving skills, used trial and error and cooperated in small groups to enjoy sledding. We offered suggestions and observations to extend their play.
One of our younger children laughed out loud as we played in the snow, once again showing that exploring the outdoors in all kinds of weather is always giggly good fun!