In the Classroom: The Leapfrogs

A budding chef in the Leapfrog classroom

Learning About Community Helpers

Recently, the Leapfrogs helped decide what their next topic of learning would be. After the teachers offered some suggestions, we all took a vote and brainstormed together about community helpers that we all knew. 
The children showed great pride in their decision-making and we have been creating environments where community helpers would perform their jobs. We transformed our block area into a doctor’s office where we take care of sick friends and babies. Our dramatic play area has become a Leapfrog store where we sell food and clothing. We also have a delicious restaurant with our very own “Chef Betty,” as Sarah loves to call herself.
We have spent time reading chapter books with interesting facts and making our very own books where everyone has a chance to become an author and illustrator!
The Leapfrogs have explored their lessons in the real world. We have seen many community helpers during our daily walks, where we have witnessed paramedics, painters, firefighters, and police officers. Upon spotting these community helpers, a chorus rings out, “S/HE IS A COMMUNITY HELPER!” 
The children take great pride in the work of the community helpers and love to pretend to be just like them in our classroom.
We plan to take this less as far as our Leapfrogs allow. This is their world and we just live in it!