In the Classroom: The Leapfrogs

Leapfrogs autumn painting

All About Autumn

The Leapfrogs have been talking all about autumn this past month. We have read lots of wonderful books such as Falling Leaves and Bear Snores On. We have learned many new songs such as Autumn Leaves Falling Down (to the tune of London Bridges), and Rake the Leaves (to the tune of This is the Way). These have become some of our favorites to read and sing!

We took a neighborhood trip to the grocery store and selected a pumpkin for our classroom. We made predictions about what was inside of the pumpkin and as a class, cut and dug out the insides. Ms. Fatimah carved out a silly face for all of us to share with family and friends as they entered our classroom. 

We have done some great art projects including leaf collages and prints. The Leapfrogs really had fun working together to create their own trees with hand-print leaves! In teams of four, the children chose a color that represented the changes they observed in the leaves. They painted their hands and made prints all over the paper. Some mixed colors, used two hands, and even painted a hand two different colors to make prints. Some friends were apprehensive of the mess that comes with finger-painting, but as they saw their peers having fun, they enthusiastically joined in.

These huge trees are in our hallway and classroom. The Leapfrogs take great pride in their work and love to show it off to visitors. If you would like to see, come on up to the 3rd floor of the Sweet Building for a look!

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