In the Classroom: Hawks and Eagles

PIC Summer Campers outside the Aviary

World Building in the Aviary

The start of Summer Camp is an exciting time at PIC; the air is alive with the hum of adventure and possibility, as new friendships are forged under the summer sun.
This year, the Hawks and Eagles are privileged to be faced with an additional adventure: our first summer in the new Aviary.
Making the new space our own during the school year was, above all, a collaboration with the students. While the teachers had plans for the space before the move, it was ultimately the children's interests and proclivities that directed how the space was used for after-school clubs and activities (for instance, the deck--which had all but been overlooked during the planning stages--has become the Gaga Pit, a designation that was entirely Hawk- and Eagle-generated).
This past week, we've been experimenting with ways to use the space that accommodate the longer days and larger group size of camp. One of the changes we’ve made has been to move the Eagles’ Lounge--formerly located in the small room off of the Library--into a Movement Room, with a sheer sheet sectioning it off from the rest of the room. 
The new area has substantially more space to house the increased number of Eagles (which also means more room for the Eagles to hang up their artwork and really make it their own!)
Another world-building decision we’ve made has been to have lunch around the deck. It’s a perfect sitting area, and the open seating arrangement facilitates engagement among all students, as opposed to only the kids at one’s lunch table.
We are looking forward to continuing this world-building project alongside our school-age explorers and making the Aviary feel more like home every day!