In the Classroom: The Fireflies

Reading to PIC preschoolers

For the Love of Books!

This month we have been encouraging a love of books. This awesome exploration has taken us on a journey to learn about the plot or problem in a book, the characters, and the different parts of a book. 
As we got more involved in our investigation we learned that we love rhyming words! To support the children's interest, we added more books with words that rhyme and poetry to our class display. 
The Fireflies chime in when reading books that rhyme! We are reading Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw, and learning favorite Shel Silverstein poems.
Our readings often lead to a discussion about what is real and what isn't real. The Fireflies are excited to read and point out the new ideas that we have been talking about. 
We will also re-read favorite books many, many times through the days and weeks. As teachers, we look for new ways to present a favorite book to the children. We can look at letters in the book to see if we can find any that are in our names, or we might change our voice to make it a more fun and exciting way to read. 
The Fireflies have also been interested in punctuation marks. We point out exclamation marks or question marks and explain what needs to be done when we read these at the end of sentence. "Our voice gets a little louder when we see this!" 
This is an exploration that will never end, even when we move on to a different interest to study. We are always ready to read and make it exciting!
Fostering a love of reading is the best gift you can give children. If they develop a love reading now, they will love to learn for the rest of their adorable lives!

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