In the Classroom: The Fireflies

Fireflies are making maps

Map-Making Sensation

The Fireflies recently explored maps! The theme started when we observed the Fireflies drawing treasure maps and dressing up as pirates. Based on the children's enthusiasm, we decided to start a study of maps. 
We talked about what maps are and documented their ideas on the bulletin board. We had a cool map that showed where everyone lived. We then put stickers on places we know and love.
We added a map of the United States to our bathroom wall, which piqued everyone's interest (and many discussions) about places we have visited and where our relatives life!  We also added books of different places in the reading area, and stickers to our language arts center to encourage Fireflies in their own map-making.
We asked PIC mom Amy Fraatz to come and talk to us about the map she made of the West Philadelphia neighborhood. We shared the work that we had been doing, including an inside map of PIC, a walking map that we made, along with other pieces of artwork that we proudly displayed.
The Fireflies had a clear love of treasure maps! We hid pieces of treasure on the third floor of PIC's Spruce Building and made a map for the children to follow. We read the map and used it to hunt for treasure. We did this activity several times since the Fireflies never seemed to tire of it!
This theme took us on many "journeys" and the Fireflies loved learning and exploring maps.