Better Building and Grounds

Facilities Projects are Happening!

We are excited that we are making some significant progress on a number of faciltiies projects that are on our docket.  Some of these projects are in response to increased security and safety measures, while others are in response to ongoing scheduled classroom renovation and maintenance work. 
We recently had a security walkthrough with a detective from Penn's security force. Detective Fischer was able to give us feedback on things that we are already doing well and areas that he believes will enhance our overall security and safety. 
Let there be Light!
We hope that you have noticed the newly enhanced inside and outside lighting. New LED lights have been added to stairwells in both the Sweet and Spruce buildings, as well as to the Aviary porch. Our management company has been repairing old lights and adding new ones to the outside grounds. This has made a marked difference in indoor and outdoor visibility during these dark winter months. Additional electric work is being completed to repair all current emergency lighting and to add a significant number of new emergency lights and exit signs.
We will be adding several additional security cameras that are monitored on the desktop screens of our administrative staff. New cameras will cover the Spruce Street walkway, the Nature Playground and the Tot Lot. 
Classroom Doors
We have started the process of adding roller shades to all the classroom doors with windows. Other roller shades will be added to the classrooms with windows facing the interior hallways. This will reduce visibility into any classroom in the event that an intruder is inside the buildings. Our next project will be to add and/or replace locking mechanisms on all of the classroom doors. This piece has required more research than we ever imagined, but stay tuned to hear about the progress.
Classroom Renovation Projects
We are beginning the process of repainting and laying new flooring in the Sweet Building classrooms, and the Grasshoppers and Roadrunners rooms are the first on the docket. That work has already started. We have laid out a schedule for this work and hope to have all of the Sweet Building classrooms completed by early next fall.
Our painting crew will also be painting the Small Gym, which will brighten up the space that is so heavily used. 
In the Spruce Building, renovation of the Bumblebees classroom wlll begin over the long holiday weekend in February. That work will include replacing all the cabinets, countertops and flooring. 
Much happening. Very happy to report out on all of this very positive progress!