Asbestos Abatement

Several weeks ago we had a contractor come in to replace some damaged tiles in the Big Gym. In the process of removing the damaged tiles, an under layer of tiles was discovered. They popped up during removal, and due to the age of these tiles, it was suspected that they could contain asbestos. These tiles have been tested and this was confirmed.

We have contracted with AET, the well respected Philadelphia-based company that removes asbestos from homes, schools and other businesses. It was suggested, and we have approved, the removal of all the current flooring layers in the Big Gym. 

The process starts today (5/13) and will last through most of the week. The Big Gym will be sealed, locked, and off limits to everyone. No one can walk through the space for any reason until the abatement project is completed.

Professionals will bring durable, air-tight disposal bags and containers to remove the asbestos materials. The abatement professionals will then take the asbestos contaminated flooring to a certified landfill. All the necessary precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe.

Before ending their abatement work, the company will perform extensive air and material testing to confirm asbestos levels are below OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations.

Once the asbestos abatement work is complete, we will have a floor company come in to lay new floor tiles in the space.

We expect the entire project to be completed by the end of May.