Your Action Needed Now

Lending a helping had to child on the nature playground

The stability of PIC, as with the entire child care industry, is in jeopardy. It's time to tell your legislators that families with young children need professional high quality child care. The time to act is now and it's as easy as one click.

Tell Governor Wolf and the General Assembly to include child care in PA's stimulus package.

Last week, PIC applied for funding relief through the federal economic stimulus package. While we hope that more federal stimulus money will be forthcoming, our immediate focus is on a statewide stimulus effort that would directly impact child care programs.

Your advocacy is needed now!

No one knows what will happen next. We are navigating next steps for PIC's sustainability. And, we are not alone, as other child care providers across the state face the same serious financial problems.

The child care system in the United States has always been fragile and incredibly underfunded. Families pay an extraordinary rate for enrollment in high quality programs--an expense that is unreachable for far too many families.

Teachers in the child care field earn salaries that are lower than nearly all other professions. Additionally, the rate that Pennsylvania reimburses programs for providing care to families on public subsidy does not come close to cover the cost of high quality child care.

We know that no one can return to work if there are no child care programs ready and able to re-open after this crisis resolves. 

CLICK HERE NOW to tell Governor Wolf and the General Assembly to include child care in PA's stimulus package. 

We hope that you will take action to help PIC and the entire child care field.