2018-2019 Facilities improvements

(including Summer 2019)

Safety and Security Improvements:

  • Installed outdoor tone generator so that everyone outside can hear an alarm in an emergency situation.
  • Installed three exterior cameras. This is in addition to cameras already installed at the Sweet, Spruce and Stucco building entrances. The new cameras extend visibility to the entrance walkways, the nature playground, and the Tot Lot. 
  • Installed new LED lighting in Sweet and Spruce building stairwells.
  • Repaired existing and installed additional exterior lighting throughout the campus. 
  • Installed new LED emergency lights in all buildings.
  • Installed classroom pull-down shades on all interior classroom windows in Sweet, Spruce and Stucco buildings. 
  • Replaced accessibility ramp at Sweet building.
  • Installed new accessibility ramp at Small Gym entrance in Spruce building. 
  • Installed push-release lock on Tot Lot gate to keep gate locked at street entrance.
  • Installed a new accessibility and emergency exit ramp on the Tot Lot. 
  • Completed water lead testing of 86 taps in all buildings. Only four of the taps tested above standard levels (three in janitors' closets, and one in the Kangaroom (beneath the small gym), which is not used for drinking water.
  • Completed Aviary phone upgrade so that in the event of an emergency, teachers can easily connect with administrators or classrooms in other buildings.
  • Replaced Sweet building entry doors for consistent closure/locking after being opened. 
  • Replaced screens in all 2nd and 3rd floor Aviary windows. 

Safety and Security projects in progress: 

  • New glass window will be cut into drywall on the 1st floor of the Sweet building for increased entry visibility from an adjacent, staffed office. (completed Fall 2019)
  • We are working with a specialized lock company on a solution for locking classroom doors or hallways.
  • We are getting estimates and determining feasibility on several security scenarios for the Aviary building. 

School Age program improvements

  • Painted all interior spaces in Stucco and Aviary buildings.
  • Contracted cleaning company for a day-long “deep cleaning” of the Aviary building.
  • Repaired leaky drywall ceilings and exterior stucco in Aviary building.
  • Laid new stepping stones outside of Aviary building to help with navigating through mud when it rains. 
  • Installed planter box at Aviary Spruce St. entrance to help divert water run-off.
  • Replaced Aviary building porch broken glass windows with plexiglass, until longer term solution is found. 
  • Purchased new furniture, including many shelving units and chairs.

Other completed improvements:

  • Painted Small Gym and Staff Resource Room (Spruce), and A-Z Room (Sweet). 
  • Bumblebees classroom renovated with new countertops, cabinetry, flooring and paint.
  • Renovated Grasshoppers, Roadrunners, Chipmunks and Leapfrogs classrooms with new flooring and paint.
  • Installed new flooring in Caterpillars classroom.
  • Installed five new dishwashers that meet City Health Department heat requirement.
  • Installed new shed for nature playground sandbox area.