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Ben Wasman

Afterschool Flex Teacher

Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Ben currently resides in West Philadelphia where he studied Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ben joined PIC as a teacher in the Falcons (first grade) classroom, and spent the summer supporting the Early Learning program with various tasks. He also worked in the classroom with preschoolers in the Grasshoppers and Roadrunners.

Ben is inspired by his kind and accommodating childhood teachers and counselors who helped him grow, learn, and cope with anxiety. He wishes to similarly impact young children as an educator, working off his own experiences and interest in psychology.

He stands strongly with PIC’s “play-based learning” approach and is consistently impressed by the passion and dedication displayed by the staff. 

Ben has been working with children for roughly 10 years as a camp counselor, teacher’s aide, babysitter, and music teacher. He loves playing the drums, listening to and teaching music, playing video games, nature exploration and education, and making kids laugh.

Education and Credentials

BA, Psychology
University of Pennsylvania

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