We value affordable, high quality child care for all, learning through play, strong partnerships between parents and teachers, and building a diverse community that nurtures the families, staff, and friends of PIC.

Community Engagement

We are actively involved in our neighborhood and believe that a community that supports its youngest members is one that is healthy for all.

We provide family-focused events open to the community in order to support young families and encourage the growth and development of all young children in our neighborhood. All events are free unless otherwise noted. We also encourage future educators by providing on-site learning experiences and participate in certain research studies relevant to child development.

Drop-In Playgroups

PIC Playgroups are a time for children under the age of 6 and their caregivers to get together informally with others in the neighborhood. They are designed for families with children not enrolled in an early learning program, but who want to provide their childen with opportunities for socialization and cooperative play. There is a small fee to attend each session.

Storytime in Clark Park

As part of our commitment to family literacy, PIC sponsors Storytime in Clark Park on Thursday evenings during June, July and August. Volunteers from our Diversity Committee, parents, staff and friends organize a half-hour read-aloud session by the turtle sculpture in the park. Join us!

PIC Kindergarten Playdate

Before the beginning of the new school year, we organize the Kindergarten Playdate so that families of new kindergartners can have a chance to meet and support one another as their children embark on the next steps in their education.

Family Book Fest

A fun morning for all, the Family Book Fest organized by PIC teachers on the second Saturday in November brings local authors, performers and booksellers together to celebrate the wonderful world of children’s literature.

Technical Training

PIC works with local colleges and universities to provide opportunities for classroom observation, practicum experience and internships for students earning degrees in early childhood education or related fields.


Because of our proximity to universities, PIC is often recruited to participate in research studies into child development, health, or nutrition, among other topics. This includes a longterm study of child speech development with the University of Pennsylvania Language Lab. Families are always consulted in advance, participation is strictly voluntary, and we require signed consent forms for any research involving children or staff.