Teacher Appreciation 2024

Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board

Our annual week-long celebration of our teachers is coming on May 6. It is a time when the Board, administrators, and families recognize our teachers for the hard work that they do each day.

We have a wonderful tradition of families posting notes of appreciation outside the classroom for each teacher in the room. Whether handmade or not, a bulletin board filled with colorful cards shows a lot of love!

Please consider writing thank you notes for the Flex Teachers. Without them, our teachers wouldn't have necessary planning time, we would be short-staffed on breaks or sick-days, and the center would generally not operate as smoothly. They flex their skills throughout all of the age groups and we are celebrating them on a bulletin board in the Small Gym (Spruce).  Our flex teachers are: Sushma Akepati, John Beck, Deniz Cakir, Johnetta Hurley, Rob Wiest, Paul Graff, Faith Tucker, Meghan Fraatz, Courtney Robinson, Zoe Jasper, Ben Wasman.

Families are also asked to contribute to a Sweet and Savory Buffet for the teachers on Wednesday of that week from 1 - 3 pm in the Small Gym offering teachers a light bite to get through the afternoon.

  • Bring in a finger food or sweet treat ready to serve
  • Drop food in the Small Gym (Spruce)

A special activity is planned for each day of the week. This year the schedule is as follows:

  • Monday - bulletin boards decorated with appreciation cards (from families).
  • Tuesday – Appreciation Brunch (from PIC administrators)
  • Wednesday – Sweet and Savory Buffet (from families) 1-3 pm 
  • Thursday - Board-sponsored Lunch
  • Friday - Raffle