Kevin Boswell headshot

Kevin Boswell

SeniorLAW Center

Kevin is husband to Elizabeth and father to a Roadrunner, Izzy, and a Bumblebee, Zoe. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, he now bleeds green.

He spends his days as an attorney with the SeniorLAW Center, a public interest law group based in Philadelphia. Through his work, he helps people overcome fraud and gain title to their houses. He is a member of the Walnut Hill Zoning Committee.

When his kids aren't tugging at his leg (and sometimes when they are), he loves to rip holes in the walls of his West Philly home and call it a "home improvement project." Kevin is a middling ultimate frisbee player and an IPA lover.

PIC, through its vibrant and caring teachers, dedicated staff, and welcoming community has been nothing short of life-giving to Kevin's family. He is excited to give back and contribute as a member of the board.