Learning together, supporting one another, creating a community of care for growing children and their families.


We believe that families and the organizations that serve them must speak with one voice to build a better world for all.

We believe in making high-quality child care affordable and accessible for all families who need it. We believe in engaging our elected officials and community leaders in developing a broad base of supports to help young families grow healthy and strong. We believe our teachers must have proper preparation and training, ongoing professional development, and compensation reflective of the value of the work they do.

What We Do

  • PIC joins the conversations on the local, state and national levels about the importance of quality early learning and after school programming
  • PIC teachers participate in conferences, workshops and action days that inform legislators and decision-makers about the value of their profession
  • PIC communicates with its constituents about the ongoing issues surrounding quality care for children and threats to public funding
  • PIC urges its families, alumni, Board members and community supporters to speak out and act on issues that impact children, young families, and teachers

Working With Others

These advocacy organizations fight every day to make sure all children get the care they deserve and that those who teach them are valued for what they do.

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