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Our ArtStart Auction Ritual...what's yours?

Written by ArtStart Co-chair Hien Liu (Penelope is a Rainbow and Sylvia is a PIC alum)

I remember my first ArtStart six years ago. Our daughter had just started PIC when we received the invitation in the mail. There were promises of adult conversation, food and drink. We promptly filled out our RSVP card and sent it in, not knowing what to expect. 

It was everything promised and so much more! The chapel was beautifully decorated and hung on the walls were hundreds of pieces of artwork from every child.  We finally had the chance to connect with parents that we saw as we rushed to get to work on time in the mornings or in the afternoon as we cajoled our child that it was indeed time to go home. And the wonderful food!

We have created a ritual every ArtStart were we walk around separately to find our child’s artwork. And then we meet up and marvel at the picture together. Once completed, we get down to the business of finding auction items to bid on. I am reminded several times throughout the night what our budget is. But sometimes, with a beer in hand, I’m able to convince my husband that we can raise the limit to outbid someone or take home one more item before the auction closes.

I hope to see you at ArtStart on October 17th! You can find me bidding on the Caldecott Favorites basket, the adult bicycle from Keswick Cycle and signing up for a slot at the incredible Progressive dinner. And I already have a plan in place to raise my budget limit…