We value affordable, high quality child care for all, learning through play, strong partnerships between parents and teachers, and building a diverse community that nurtures the families, staff, and friends of PIC.

Why PIC?

There are many different reasons why families choose to enroll their children at PIC, why staff choose to work here, why our alumni, volunteers and friends stay invovled.

"PIC has been and will continue to be a great place for children and families to flourish. It has always been a place where the voices of those in our community can be heard. We invite you to lend your voice."
Debbie Green, PIC Executive Director
"I am amazed by the imaginative play I witness every time I enter the playground. With incredible generosity from all of our supporters, we created something very "magical.""
Debbie Green, PIC Executive Director
"Birthdays are special celebrations and I hope that you can join us at ArtStart in October. PIC traditions hold a special place in the hearts of many families and I invite you to share your memories of PIC, while sharing our joy as we look toward the next 35 years (and beyond)!"
Debbie Green, PIC Executive Director
"I love being able to come to work and feel as though I'm making a difference. It's incredibly rewarding, as well as very fun work!"
Steve Jansson, Early Learning Assistant Teacher
"What I love most about teaching is coming into work to a class of children who are excited to see you!"
Michelle Gueco, Early Learning Classroom Assistant
"I have chosen to work at PIC because I appreciate the community that is built between teachers, students and families. I love working with so many educators who are conscious of nurturing the whole child."
Alexa Gabriel, Early Learning Classroom Assistant
"I love working with this age group in the after school setting because we can explore the topics that they want to learn more about. "
Elizabeth Schmidt, After School Group Leader
"PIC is a warm and loving place...I have been here for over 25 years! What I love most about teaching is the children. I am inspired everyday by their eagerness to learn."
Charlotte Barnes, After School Group Assistant
"It is a pleasure to spend my days with children. We see so much change – they start off dependent on us and leave independent and ready for new challenges!"
Joann Schock, Early Learning Lead Teacher