We value affordable, high quality child care for all, learning through play, strong partnerships between parents and teachers, and building a diverse community that nurtures the families, staff, and friends of PIC.

Why PIC?

There are many different reasons why families choose to enroll their children at PIC, why staff choose to work here, why our alumni, volunteers and friends stay invovled.

"PIC is a wonderful environment for a child to grow and the teachers are superb! We feel VERY fortunate to have our child here. "
PIC Parent, PIC Diversity Survey
"In the short time I have been a member of this community, I am struck by how much racial/ethnic diversity there is at PIC. That's exciting to me!"
PIC Parent, Diversity Survey
"If you had asked before we started at PIC, how important a diverse learning community was, I would have said very important, but it wasn’t until we experienced PIC - through 2 children - that I really understood how absolutely essential it is in fostering creativity, curiosity, and confidence."
PIC Parent, PIC Diversity Survey
"PIC has provided many of my family's fondest memories. My husband, David, says his favorite memory is the Halloween parade where he, my daughter Heather and our dog Bowie all dressed up like Dalmatians (Bowie didn’t have much dressing up to do)."
Deirdre Woods, PIC Board Member
"We valued our time at PIC. The wonderful parent-to-parent interaction was so important to our experience. We are close friends with many of the parents we met over 20 years ago. "
Deirde Woods, PIC Board Member
"Being a new parent is scary and exciting at the same time. PIC was able to make our experience with day care close to perfect."
Deirdre Woods, PIC Board Member
"With both of my boys now in the After School Center, I am still very thankful to arrive at pick up and see the teachers actively involved with the children."
Leah Finnegan, PIC Board Member
"PIC is a place that emphasizes the education of children in an environment that welcomes the input of parents."
PIC Parent, Parent Feedback Survey
"I love that PIC's outdoor classroom, the Magic Circle playground, will be used by PIC children and families, but will also be open to the general public evenings and weekends. It will be unlike any other playground in the City!"
Julie Bush, Board Member