We value affordable, high quality child care for all, learning through play, strong partnerships between parents and teachers, and building a diverse community that nurtures the families, staff, and friends of PIC.

Why PIC?

There are many different reasons why families choose to enroll their children at PIC, why staff choose to work here, why our alumni, volunteers and friends stay invovled.

"Please accept this gift in honor of Judy Borie for her many years of work to help make PIC the wonderful institution it is."
A tribute to Judy
"No gift can adequately express all you have given to PIC. You have been (and continue to be) a wonderful friend to PIC and generations of children in Philadelphia. Best wishes for your retirement."
A donor paying tribute to Judy Borie
"With the Center expansion behind us and our new strategic plan in place, it is time to focus on enhancing PIC’s status as a premier provider of child-centered, family-oriented programs and build upon the strong sense of community that is a hallmark of PIC."
Carol Lerner, Former PIC Board President