Debbie Green - Letter to Families

A letter to PIC Families
January 2013

Dear PIC Families,

As I write this letter in my 31st year in the early childhood profession, I continue to be filled with joy each and every day that I go to work. I have had the blessing of being involved in many early childhood programs during my time in this field and at each place that I have been I have continued to learn, grow and hopefully, make a difference. Thus, I am simply delighted to have accepted the position of Executive Director at PIC.

Five years ago, I lost one of my closest friends to cancer. Marni Sweet was my friend, my neighbor and most significantly, my mentor for 30 years. Marni was renowned throughout the state for her commitment to PIC, as well as her commitment to advocacy and to shaping early childhood education and policy that best served all families and teachers. I know that my dear friend is smiling from above in happiness that her life’s work will be carried on.

I believe that children everywhere deserve the very best experiences in their care and education. I believe that PIC will continue to raise the bar as to what defines “best practice” at the highest level and will become known throughout the country for the standards set.

I look forward to getting to know you all and working together on this important cause.

Most sincerely,

Debbie Green