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Tot Lot Update: Help Needed!

We are delighted that Phase 1 of the Tot Lot renovation has been completed by Penn. The oil tank has been removed and everything has been put back into place -- in better locations and at heights for easier accessibility.
The children (and teachers) are very excited to get outside and play!
PIC is embarking on Phase 2 of the renovation, which will involve the coordination of several moving parts to complete the project.
We will plant trees and shrubs in the early fall. We are working on having both a sand box and a dirt digging box built and have ordered a shade structure that will rest over the sandbox.  
The very next step of the Tot Lot project is the installation of bamboo fencing that will be attached to the current chain link fence. We believe the bamboo fencing will be far more attractive and give the space a much needed natural and cozier feel.
We need help installing the bamboo fencing -- this may be the opportunity for PPP hours that you have been looking for!
We have scheduled Tuesday, September 8 from 5:00-8:00 pm (we'll provide pizza for dinner) and Saturday, September 12 from 9:00 am-noon as fence installation work days. PLEASE NOTE that child care will NOT be provided during these times.  
According to our vendor, the fence installation is quite easy. All it takes is a number of people attaching the bamboo fencing to the chain link fence with twist ties. We are hoping this to be true!
Please RSVP to Deb Green if you can help at either or both of these work times.