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A Tisket, a Tasket, ArtStart has Baskets!

ArtStart, which will take place at PIC on October 16, will once again feature gift baskets created by families and teachers in each classroom.

This fall fundraiser features a silent auction where bidders can survey close to 100 items, including an important selection of creatively packaged items centered around a theme.

These baskets are key to the event's success. In the past, some have been sold for over $200!

Bidding was intense last year for Take a Hike by the Rainbows, Caldecott Faves by the Peanuts, and Science from the Grasshoppers. Popular themes from past years also include Spring Plantings, Wine & Cheese, and A Camping Trip.

Room Parents will coordinate each classroom’s efforts, so keep your eyes peeled for an email soon!

We could use more help with ArtStart in all sorts of ways? Give some time, earn some PPP. Contact Development Manager Karen Stachelek to learn more.