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Texting from PIC

You must "Opt-In" for School Closings

PIC sends text messages for emergency and time-sensitive situations, most often school delays or closures. More general PIC messages are sent via email.
When the "School Messenger" system sends a text to a new cell phone number, it automatically generates an opt-in text to that number, asking you to accept texts from School Messenger. You must reply to that text to automatically be enrolled. 
You can also manually opt-in to our system. Text "Y" or "Yes" to the short code "68453". 
We also post information about closings or delays on the homepage of our website, PIC's Facebook page, and leave a message on the Center's voicemail at 215-222-5480.
If you have any questions regarding communications from PIC, please email Communications Manager Rachel Isaacson at risaacson@parentinfantcenter.org.