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Sign-up to Potluck on March 1

post updated February 24, 2015

RSVP DEADLINE EXTENDED to end-of-day February 25!


It is time to sign-up to join this year’s round of Community Potluck Dinners to be held on Sunday, March 1 from 4:30 to 7:00 pm.

See the event flyer

These potlucks are organized annually by the Parent Involvement Committee. This year, there will be five potlucks, each hosted in a PIC family's home. Please note that this is not a progressive dinner, just a plain old potluck at one location. 

Attending a potluck is a great way to get to know folks outside of your hurried drop-off and pick-up times and a chance to meet families outside of your classroom!

Meet your host families:

  • Murray-Erdman: Ian is a Rainbow and his little sister Fiona is a Doodlebug. They live with their parents Anita and Stephen in Spruce Hill (19104).
  • Popp-Bowman: Noah is a Starlight and his younger brother Miles is a Peanut. They live with their parents Trey and Elizabeth in Spruce Hill (19104).
  • Carreno-Shelmet: Zoe is a Rainbow and lives with her folks Cheryl and Michael in Cedar Park (19143).
  • Gentry-Peacock: Wilfred is a Caterpillar and he lives with his parents Mary and Philip in Walnut Hill (19139).
  • Thaker: Simon is a Wild Thing and lives with his parents Abigail and Samir in Spruce Hill (19104).

Choose a host or neighborhood from the list above and include your contact information when you RSVP. Your host will be in touch before the potluck to finalize the details.

RSVP's must be received by February 20. Email Parent Involvement Committee member Reena Rai at pic.rsvp@gmail.com.