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Pizza Day lives for all!

Date: August 29, 2017
To: All PIC families who have opted out of the lunch program
From: Deb Green, Executive Director
Re: Pizza Day for all!
We have had a stronger-than-imagined advocacy voice for keeping our weekly Pizza Day for the children whose families have opted out of the full lunch program.
We have taken a second look at ways we can continue this beloved tradition AND work within the streamlined billing and ordering system needed in order to offer a lunch program at PIC. We have arrived at the following solution:  
Pizza Day shall continue for ALL PIC families, with the following changes:
  • Pizza Day has been moved to Friday in order to incorporate it into the new lunch program.
  • On Pizza Day, children will receive a serving of fruit (usually applesauce), as well as being offered water/milk.
  • Pizza Day will now be billed MONTHLY. All charges will appear on your monthly invoice. We are no longer able to accept cash in the classrooms.
  • The rate for the Pizza Day program is $15.00 per month for 2 slices of pizza per child. In order to keep ordering and billing manageable for our teachers and administrators, we are no longer able to order a different number of slices for each child.
  • Families participating in Pizza Day will be billed the $15.00 per-month rate regardless if PIC is open or closed or whether your child is present or absent on any given Friday.
  • If your family has OPTED OUT of the food program, but you still want your child to eat pizza (on Fridays), please complete the online Pizza Day enrollment form.
  • Infant/young toddler families (Bumblebees, Caterpillars, Wild Things and Doodlebugs) can also sign-up for the Pizza Day program by completing the online Pizza Day enrollment form.
We greatly appreciate your patience as we have worked through all of the logistics of our new lunch program, and for your understanding that some changes were needed in order to continue Pizza Day.
If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Enrollment Manager Amanda Schroeder at aschroeder@parentinfantcenter.org.
We are very excited that Pizza Day lives on for all!