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PIC Composting Hits Capacity

All the staff and children at PIC have been doing a bang up job participating in the weekly compost collection by the Roadrunners! So good, that we have reached capacity and find that we have TOO MUCH!!

We are thrilled to hear that many families and staff have begun to incorporate composting into their home routines. Unfortunately, we can not accomodate any scraps brought to the Center from home. Our worm bins are full and during the winter months they noticeably slow down. We also cannot give more than what we already collect at PIC to our friends at UCD's Dirt Factory.

If you have begun collecting scraps at home, please consider setting up your own compost or contacting the Dirt Factory, our neighborhood's community composting facility. With regular weekly drop off times, composting in West Philadelphia can be easy and as the children at PIC know, lots of fun!

Learn more about PIC's ongoing composting efforts.