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Photos packages and payment

We hope everyone has taken some time to look through your children's pictures. Here is what you need to do next.
Please locate the payment envelope, which must be filled out completely. Return payment (NO CASH) and unwanted pictures to your children's teachers by Friday, December 16.
If you pay online, you must return the payment envelope with the confirmation code on it.
If you have more than one package (more than one child), you may purchase the first set of 10 pictures at $70 and any additional set of 10 pictures at $35 each. This does not apply to partial packages or reorders. You can mix sheets from any package to make up sets of 10. Class pictures count as one sheet.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a fundraiser for PIC - the more pictures you buy, the more we earn!
Please email Kyra Morris at kmorris@parentinfantcenter.org with any questions.