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Make Summer Leave Requests By March 1

As the deadline to request a summer leave from PIC is quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to remind families of when and how to submit your requests.
  • Write it Down 
    If you plan to be away from the Center for four weeks or longer between mid-June and September 1, you must inform us in writing by March 1
  • Save Your Spot 
    Families will be asked to pay a placeholder fee (equivalent to 2 weeks of tuition) in advance.
  • Get your accounts in Order 
    Families are asked to settle all financial and PPP accounts before departure.
  • Come Home to PIC
    We will make every effort to return your child to the same classroom (if appropriate), though we cannot guarantee it.

Also, if you are considering making changes to your child's schedule in the upcoming months, or if you are planning to leave the center, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can plan enrollment. For families who are leaving the PIC, 60 days notice is required.

Email Family Life Coordinator Lynne Piersol with requests or any questions.