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Lunch Program goes live!

Date: August 29, 2017
To: All PIC families who have opted into our new lunch program
From: Deb Green, Executive Director
Re: PIC lunch program
I am writing to update everyone on our new lunch program that will be starting Tuesday, September 5.
We are delighted with the positive response, and at this point we have over 100 children whose families have opted into our lunch program.  
Please note that you will see the first monthly charge for the lunch program on your September invoice. 
A few important notes:
  • As of Tuesday, September 5, your child will be served a hot, healthy meal at lunch time.

  • If you would like your child to receive the vegetarian lunch option, please email Assistant Enrollment Coordinator Amanda Schroeder at aschroeder@parentinfantcenter.org. She must hear from you by TOMORROW to place the order for next week. 

  • Pizza Day will now be on Fridays and is included in the monthly lunch program charge.

  • On Pizza Day, children will be served a fruit option (most often applesauce) and water and/or milk.

  • We must receive this CACFP Eligibility Form from EVERY FAMILY who has opted into the lunch program. If you haven’t already completed this form, please do so and return it by Tuesday, September 5 to Grace in the Enrollment Office on the ground level of the Sweet Building. You may also complete and scan the form and email it to aschroeder@parentinfantcenter.org. This form is required by the state and affects the partial reimbursement rate that we receive for the snacks and lunches that are served. 

  • If you believe that your child IS ELIGIBLE for free or reduced lunch (see the eligibility guidelines), you MUST COMPLETE THE ENTIRE CACFP Eligibility Form. 

  • If your family IS NOT ELIGIBLE for free or reduced lunch, you do not need to complete the entire form, BUT DO NEED TO SIGN AND RETURN THE FORM by Tuesday, September 5.   

We greatly appreciate your patience as we have worked through the many facets of introducing the lunch program option. While we know that there may well be some glitches during the first few weeks, we are so excited to get this program off the ground! 
If you have any questions, please contact Amanda at the above e-mail.