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How about a lunch update?

Our new hot lunch program is up and running! While not without first week glitches, the glitches were significantly fewer than we imagined.
This was new for our teachers as they navigated new everything, from set-up and serving to electronic lunch tracking. This was new for our children, as they tried to figure out what this new food is all about. Some ate just a bit, and others tried food that parents tell us they would never have tried before. 
We loved hearing the story of a 2-year old who had been well prepared for the new lunch program and as he sat down for lunch on the first day, he enthusiastically asked his teachers, "Where's my hot lunch?" 
With three full days under our belt, we have put things in place to make the program get smoother every day. 
We are grateful to our families for your patience and flexibility as we work hard to get it right.