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Fire Department Visits our Toddlers

Last week our Moonbeam, Rainbow and Sunshine classrooms gathered outside on our PIC corner for a visit from our local firefighters.  While waiting for the fire truck to arrive, shrills of excitement were heard from the children.  Then, at the first glimpse of the very large red truck getting close to where we were standing, half of the group quickly dispersed to the “safe” viewing spot behind the iron gate.  The firefighters were terrific with the children as one put on his many pounds of firefighting gear, another showed some of the very large pieces of equipment and yet another went up on the ladder as it was raised high into the air.  The favorite part (for those brave enough to stay in front of the gate) was the opportunity to be lifted high on to the seats of the truck. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to see and hear from our local firefighter friends and we are grateful for their willingness to visit us.