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Expansion construction has begun!

A letter from Deb Green

I am excited to share the latest progress on our expansion project and to let you know of the next steps.
As the afterschoolers have settled into the Stucco Building and the Aviary, our newly-leased building at 43rd and Locust Streets, we turn our attention to the renovations on the 3rd floor Spruce Building that will house the two new preschool-age classrooms.
Engineering studies and architectural drawings for the new spaces have been completed and the building permits have now been secured.  
As expected in older buildings, the engineering studies revealed that two small floor areas tested positive for asbestos. These were abated over a recent weekend. The studies further revealed that there was non-chipped lead paint on the radiator covers and those covers have since been removed. There were no other “hot” areas of lead identified in any of the spaces.   
With the delivery of the construction permits, we are now ready to begin the demolition phase of the project. Bluestone Construction Services, under the leadership of Dennis O’Flynn, has been contracted for the project. 
During the construction, you will note the following:
  • PIC’s Monday and Friday Playgroups have been cancelled for the next 4-6 weeks, and possibly for the duration on the project.
  • Construction worker vehicles and trucks will be parked on the black top for the duration of the project. None of the vehicles will move during the day without a physical escort.
  • Scaffolding in the Small Gym will provide the construction crew access to the area under the floor above. 
  • Two or three large trash bins will be located on the blacktop for the debris that will be removed.
  • “Air scrubbers” will be used to catch dust and there will be no exhaust released from the windows. 
  • The entry area to the 3rd floor from the central stairwell will be closed off.  
This project is expected to last approximately eight weeks, with a completion date targeted for the end of June.
I am so excited that the conversations we started so long ago are now really coming to fruition! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Debbie Green
Executive Director