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EL Open House Details

PIC will have our annual Winter Open House this Thursday, December 11 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.  In the beloved PIC tradition, this is a pot-luck event and a terrific opportunity to chat with other families and to not have to think about preparing dinner. We hope that you can join us!
  • Please sign-up so that we have an idea of numbers and of what food we will have. There are sign-up sheets in each classroom (or in some instances, in the hallway outside of the classroom.)  
  • No need to sign up for paper products or drinks.  We will provide these. 
  • We are trying to stay light on the desserts and focus more on any other foods.
  • We will set up tables in or near the hallways on each floor of the Spruce and Sweet buildings. The potlucks will be combined for each floor (rather than each individual classroom.)  The hallways may get a bit crowded, but food can be taken into the classrooms to eat.
  • Each classroom will have an activity set up. Families are invited to travel among classrooms. See what is happening in each classroom.
  • For those with children in both the Early Learning AND the After School programs, we are hosting the After School Center's December Gala from 4:00 -5:00 pm in the Stucco building to allow those families to attend both events.
  • If at all possible, consider picking up your child by 5:00 on Thursday. For some of our younger children, the 5:00-6:00 time can be tricky with so many families coming to pick up their children and staying for the potluck.

Please contact Infant-Toddler Program Coordinator Kharma Hicks or Preschool Program Coordinator Tamara Clark.