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Earning PPP with Plant Sales

Making & Taking Orders

Let family, friends, neighbor, and co-workers know about the Day of Play plant sale and online store (and to credit you as the seller), and watch the dollars and PPP hours add up. 

  • Buy or sell $100 or more worth of plants or concert tickets. Families earn 2 PPP hours for the first $100 in plant sales, and another hour for every additional $20 sold.
  • You can win a prize! The top seller for pre-sales of plants and tickets will receive two tickets to Day of Play’s evening Concert in the Chapel. The second prize is two tickets to the morning Family Concert.
  • Make sure your "customers" put YOUR NAME down as the seller so we can properly credit the sale. 
  • Sales secret #1 - offering to deliver the plants, makes it harder to say, "NO!"
  • Sales secret #2 - While plant sales end on May 10, concert tickets will still be on sale until the day before the event.

Last year, 32 families each earned 10 hours or more of PPP from asking friends to support a great event.

In addition to the online store, paper order forms are available in each building at PIC for those who like to keep things old school.

Orders will be accepted through May 10. Order in advance to guarantee your choices.

When you come to PIC to pick up your plants on May 20, be sure to allow yourself and your family some time to enjoy the morning activities on the playground.