Catch up on the latest PIC news or learn about an upcoming event. As a part of its mission, the Parent-Infant Center organizes several family-focused events throughout the year that are open to the community. Take a look!

Community Potlucks on March 4

It is time to sign-up to join this year’s round of Community Potluck Dinners to be held Sunday, March 4 from 4:30 to 7:00 pm. 


These potlucks are organized annually by the Parent Involvement Committee. This year, there will be seven potlucks, each hosted in a PIC family's home.

Meet your host families:

Danailov/Danailova: Zelda is a Butterfly. She lives with her parents Hilary & Ognian in Garden Court (19143)

Mitchell/Rawat: Rohan is a Dragontail and lives with his parents Lisa & Ram in Cedar Park (19143)

Potter: Imogen is a Firefly and June is a Bumblebee. They live with their folks Maggie & Jon in Spruce Hill (19104). 

Greenberg/McNeil: Caleb is a Doodlebug and he lives with his parents Susanna & Josh in Cedar Park (19143).

Nenkova/Iossifov: Filip is a Caterpillar and lives with his folks Ani & Ivan in Spruce Hill (19104).

McDonald/Finley: Oliver is a Moonbeam and lives with his parents Jordan and Rose in Spruce Hill (19104).

Berger/Closter: Sadie is a Caterpillar and lives with her folks Julie & Matt in South West Cedar Park (19143).

Please note that this is not a progressive dinner, just a plain old potluck at one location. 


Attending a potluck is a great way to get to know folks outside of your hurried drop-off and pick-up times and a chance to meet families outside of your classroom!

Choose a host or neighborhood from the list above and include your contact information when you RSVP. Your host will be in touch before the potluck to finalize the details.