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In the Classroom: The Sunshines

Moving Up

This is the time of the year when children begin transitioning to new classrooms. Not only do the children have to adjust to a new environment, new children, and new teachers, but so do their parents! 
It is very easy to get used to things being done a certain way, and now you and your child have to learn new routines. It takes some children (and grown-ups) a little longer than others to adjust, but when you least expect it they will begin pushing you out the door.
You can help ensure a smooth transition for your child by talking about the new classroom several weeks before the BIG move. Make a point to find out the names of the new teachers and take your child to the staff bulletin board on the ground floor of the Spruce Building to look at the pictures of the teachers.
Next, make arrangements for you and your child to visit the classroom and meet the new teachers. While visiting the class, you can take this opportunity to show your child the different toys and books, classroom pet, nap area, cubby, coat hook, etc. 
Check out the "birthday board" in the classroom and see if your child knows any of the children. Ask your new teacher for a classroom handbook so you can read it beforehand and see if there is anything you should be aware of such as food allergies, class schedule, etc. Don't forget to fill out the family profile form, which lets the new teachers know all about your child and your family. 
Depending on your child’s age, their transition can be a little different. For instance, younger toddlers usually need that full week to transition to a toddler classroom because it’s little harder for them to accept the change. Older toddlers that are transitioning to the pre-school rooms might have an easier time. They might be ready to stay in their new room after two days or so. Pre- school children usually transition to the pre-k class with no problem. They go up to visit and never return! There is really no set formula for it. Just keep in communication with teachers to find out how your child is doing.
After your child has been in the new room for a month, the lead teacher will offer you a one-month conference to discuss your child’s adjustment and answer any questions you may have. You and your child will enjoy this new experience once you get comfortable and settled in the new room. Enjoy!!