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In the Classroom: The Sunshines

Changing Classrooms

This is the time of year when children and parents are adjusting to new classrooms. At first, it can be difficult because you are used to your child’s old teachers and their routines. They know your child well and that makes it comfortable for you. 
So now here you are in this unfamiliar classroom wondering: Do I take off my shoes? Do I take my child’s lunch out or do I place the entire lunch box in the refrigerator?  Where is the sign-in sheet? Do I stay for a little while or can I just drop off and go?
So many new things to learn, but once you and your little one get used to the new routine, you will see it’s actually not that much different.
Parents are encouraged to visit their child's new classroom a week before your child starts their transition. The teachers will give you a classroom handbook, which tells you all the information you need to know. They are there to help and reassure you that the transition will go just fine.
Once your child is in a new classroom, it may take some time for him/her to adjust. S/he may cry during drop off time for a few days. S/he might not. There is no set formula for how a child will handle this change. 
Parents can always call during the day to find out about their child. Teachers may send pictures during the day so you can see your child having positive interactions and put your worries to rest.
Before you know it, your child will be giggling and pushing you out the door.