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In the Classroom: The Sunshines

Sunshines Love Parent Participation

Completing your Parent Participation Program (PPP) requirement is a great opportunity for parents to be actively involved at PIC. There are many opportunities to help out.
Parents can sign up to wash laundry, wash toys, repair books, attend center-wide workdays, etc. There are jobs that can be done during the annual Plant Sale or Art Start events. 
But, one thing the Sunshines really love is when parents come to the classroom to share an art activity, read a book, help with a science activity, or talk about their occupation.
The Sunshine room recently had the pleasure of a visit from a real live dentist!! Lucas’ dad Scott came to visit during our afternoon meeting. The Sunshines listened as Scott told them about the importance of brushing their teeth every night before bed and as soon as they wake up in the morning. He told them they can get cavities from eating candy and drinking juice. Scott showed the Sunshines the blue plastic gloves he put on before treating a patient and the face mask he wears while working in a patient’s mouth.  
He showed them the mirror he uses to check the teeth. Lucas was the pretend patient and Scott showed the Sunshines how he checks his patient’s teeth. 
Scott also showed the Sunshines his big dental dragon which had very realistic teeth. He counted the teeth with the Sunshines and used the big mirror to show how to look at the teeth. He also used a big yellow toothbrush to show the proper way to brush. The Sunshines took turns practicing on the dental dragon. After the presentations, Scott gave all the Sunshines a sticker.
This was a great experience for the Sunshines. We were talking about going to the dentist for days! I bet the next time your Sunshine goes to the dentist, they will be a little more at ease because they already know what to expect. 
We look forward to many more visits from parents and encourage you to talk to your teachers about spending some time in the classroom.