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In the Classroom: The Starlights

Near and far

This summer the Starlights have been visiting new places and experiencing new activities. We went to the Independence Seaport Museum, Camden Children’s Garden, and West Africa.
We went to the Independence Seaport Museum and learned how submarines were able to dive below the surface using ballast, stay underwater and return to the ocean surface again. 
It was a great destination. A week prior to our trip we shared a chapter book about the Titanic. The Starlights eagerly asked question after question about shipbuilding, the passengers, the crash, and the rescue efforts of the ships nearby.
It seems like a club about submarines and ocean liners may be in the offing for the new fall session.
We also visited the Camden Children’s Garden for the first time. While there we had a nature based educational program on soil and dirt. All the children were involved in working with the various components like sand, humus, and clay. 
The next part was the best part...the butterfly tent. As we walked slowly through holding a sprig of butterfly bush (buddleia) in our hands, the butterflies came to rest on each and everyone’s flower. The Starlights were as still as statues and in total awe of these delicate insects. Next spring they hope to plant a garden for pollinators in our raised beds outside of Stucco.
Meanwhile back on campus, we experienced an ultra-energetic drumming and dance performance by a local West African group. They learned the names of the various types of drums used and how they were made. The dancers then took us on a magical journey to a beach covered with stranded starfish which were rescued one by one by a girl determined to make a difference. And she did. 
The next enchanting dance tale was about the fate of an old mule stuck in a deep well who learned to survive by shaking it off and stepping up. A good lesson for everyone to remember when encountering trouble. 
Before the program ended, the campers participated in a rousing circle dance with lots of rhythmic clapping and shouting.
This summer we "traveled" near and far and saw some pretty amazing things along the way.